My name is Dr Liaqat Malik . I am LLM PHD Advocate High Court

Dr Liaqat Malik

About Me

About me


About Dr Liaqat Malik

Dr Liaqat Malik are British Pakistani immigrant, social entrepreneur with a thriving portfolio of business ventures.

Dr Liaqat Malik family started this journey in 1938 when Dr Liaqat Malik grandfather came to the UK as a Major in the British armed forces and then became a Sherriff in Scotland. Dr Liaqat Malik father Ghulam Malik was a freedom fighter and when Pakistan became independent, he was one of the first council members (now known as MNA) in Faislabad before he emigrated to the UK in the 1950’s.

Dr Liaqat Malik family always believed in social justice and fairness and opportunity for everyone. There are presently 29 lawyers in Dr Liaqat Malik family who are practising in the UK and overseas.

Dr Liaqat Malik are third generation British Pakistani. Dr Liaqat Malik managed to obtain the highest post-graduate academic qualifications from the UK and abroad. Dr Liaqat Malik hold

  • LLM, Legal Studies, University of Wolverhampton

  • Specialising in abuse of process, immigration law and practice, medical negligence, public law and practice

  • Graduate Diploma in Public Law

  • Specialising in administrative and constitution law and practice

  • Solicitors Qualifying Exams, College of Law, BPP Law School

  • Immigration Law Panel Member

  • Member, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

  • Advocate of the High Court, Pakistan

Dr Liaqat Malik have gained other qualifications such as a Bachelor degree in Law and carried out research in sociology, University of Salford – how council tax affects travellers and gypsies, attended University of Westminster Law School.

Academic & Professional Experience
Dr Liaqat Malik lectured in Public Law at the University of Manchester – 8 years
Dr Liaqat Malik was an examiner and lecturer at the University of Salford in the postgraduate childcare law (child protection) course

Dr Liaqat Malik specialist jurist, researching and studying, analysing and commenting on jurisprudence. Dr Liaqat Malik have given interviews on various media stations such as the BBC, Sky and other international channels in contrast with other lawyers. I have always adopted a practical approach as this is a fundamental difference between myself and other lawyers.

Many of my cases were of public interest where Dr Liaqat Malik researched the legal elements and jurisprudence and tested in court such cases as giving muslims the right to eat Halal Meat in schools and prisons, to have prayer areas in various public places such as airports, rights of Sikhs to wear turbans, stopping virginity teats at airports, rights of asylum seekers and length of detention, discrimination in the public sector etc.

As a lawyer Dr Liaqat Malik have represented numerous clients, businesses, individuals, government bodies, in many courts drafting legal pleadings, giving legal advice. Dr Liaqat Malik worked with many eminent lawyers, Mr S Kadri QC, Head of Chambers, Master of Bench, Mr Graeme Williams QC, Head of Chambers, Master of Benches, Mr Colin Ross-Munrow QC, Head of Chambers, Master of Benches, Mr D Pannick QC, Deputy High Court Judge, Arthur Blake, District Judge, Dr Tony Thorndike, Immigration Judge (Dr Liaqat Malik former examiner), Professor Loughlin, Dean of the University of Manchester.

Dr Liaqat Malik have trained over 30 lawyers as pupils in the UK and overseas. After spending 20 years in the legal profession, Dr Liaqat Malik diversified into the media where Dr Liaqat Malik established an empire of thriving businesses by capitalising on opportunities to fulfil the social needs of the disadvantaged community and locality in the UK. Dr Liaqat Malik set up a free legal advice helpline on the television. Dr Liaqat Malik encouraged all the Islamic sectors to come together by inviting them all onto programmes giving them equal time to air their views. We were the first Asian channel to facilitate conference calls from around the world onto programmes with guests where political issues were discussed openly and also online. Political figures became reluctant to appear due to the live calls from viewers holding them to account.

Dr Liaqat Malik invested approximately £20,000,000 into this venture over 15 years

Community Work

Dr Liaqat Malik am an active fundraiser for various causes including raising funds and donating for the following:

Dr Liaqat Malik also donates Imran Khans hospital from 2004-2016
Burnley Lord Mayor’s charity, raising money for Burnley Hospital for mouth cancer equipment
Leeds Hospital – Breast Cancer
Pims Hospital, Islamabad
Earthquake appeal with various other charities raising a total of £8.5M
Dr Liaqat Malik alsoDonated over £100,000 to Faislabad Liver transplant hospital

Dr Liaqat Malik also took a Chief Fire Officer from Burnley/Preston, UK to Pakistan together with the City Council Chief Executive to Pakistan along with several fire officers to train the Pakistani fire services.

Financial Services and Investments

Dr Liaqat Malik have vast extensive experience in Financial Services, and the law and regulations in this area, lending, investments, property portfolio, setting aside unfair relationships created by Banks, money laundering, privacy law.

At the present time Dr Liaqat Malik am considering opening a global online banking service where people will be able to open bank accounts without credit checks. This will assist new businesses receive and transfer money online internationally.

Media Career

Media Career

Media career

Dr Liaqat Malik-Media Guru

As we progress through time media technology has made viewing increasingly. The millennial’s of today are encouraged to use media tools in school and are expected to have a general understanding of the various technologies available. The internet is arguably one of the most effective tools in media for communication tools such as they bring people from all around the world together.
Dr Liaqat Malik became fascinated by the media through my work as a lawyer, in particular, the public interest cases Dr Liaqat Malik was working on resulted in me being interviewed by various different broadcasters; such as SkyTv. This caught the attention of various Pakistani international channels in which Dr Liaqat Malik was asked to present on a ‘legal helpline’ and also ‘current affairs’. This led to not only the public seeking my help globally, but the Pakistani State seeking my advice on current affairs. Dr Liaqat Malik was recruited by the Pakistani State to bring guests from the UK, in particular those high profile white professionals, who would participate in the programs in which they confirmed Pakistan is a safe country. Dr Liaqat Malik interest was expanded again by the various different broadcasters when they asked me to represent them as their lawyer in their commercial, regulatory and immigration agreements.
With this Dr Liaqat Malik became fascinated in creating the very first Asian channel who could provide a voice for the voiceless. In 2003 Dr Liaqat Malik started developing this channel with the live and interactive programming at the forefront of my mind; where viewers could call through. However, electrical issues were soon a problem, although Dr Liaqat Malik had no technical experience, my son and Dr Liaqat Malik created a fiber optical connectivity between Manchester and London. This came at a great cost however, that was irrelevant in relation to my end goal.
In 2004 Dr Liaqat Malik launched the first free to air live interactive channel on Sky and a number of other international platforms. The viewers were fascinated with the ability we gave them to communicate around the world. DM TV became the most watched network globally with millions of viewers. The programs were dedicated to expatriate Pakistanis and Kashmiris; 90% of programming was in Kashmiri, Punjabi and the Urdu/Hindi language. The remaining 10% was in English and Arabic.
In the opening of my college ‘Manchester College of Higher Education and Media Technology’, Dr Liaqat Malik combined education and TV, by developing live distant education classes. This varied from fashion design to the English language, which was very popular with the viewers. As my businesses were booming, Dr Liaqat Malik decided to celebrate my successes with both Dr Liaqat Malik family, employees and the community annually, where many Bollyword stars and those of a high profile would attend.
Dr Liaqat Malik found the media did not have any freedom in Pakistan, which became apparent as one of my cameramen, Javed Khan was shot by security officers, during the coverage of Lal Masjid in Islamabad. Another member of Dr Liaqat Malik crew was sadly shot, from on top of a building during recording footage. As Dr Liaqat Malik was the only channel which broadcasted Benzir Bhuttos’ live rallies and speeches in Europe. Benzir like myself, believed in true democracy and was asking me to organize high profile overseas Pakistanis to take part in the government. In October 2007, Dr Liaqat Malik was supposed to accompany her to Pakistan however, Dr Liaqat Malik had urgent business in the UK. As i sent Dr Liaqat Malik brother Maqbool Malik and three members of my crew to cover. During her arrival and the rally, my staff were seriously injured and ended up in hospital with bullet wounds. Nevertheless, Dr Liaqat Malik continued with my media policies. Even with my impact on the community and the nature of the channel, PEMRA refused a broadcasting license until 2012. Dr Liaqat Malik believe, that this was owing to my support for democracy. Dr Liaqat Malik not only supported Benizir, but Dr Liaqat Malik publically protested to the wrongdoings of the acts perpetrated against Imran Khan and his sister, with no other intention but for real democracy.
In 2016 PEMRA brought action against myself and DM Network for the prominence of Imran Khan and PTI by broadcasting live rallies and interviews. Imran opposed their actions openly but charges were brought against me before the PEMRA tribunal. Barbar Awaan and myself attended the hearing and were able to get it dismissed. Owing to PEMRA not following proper procedure to formulate these sanctions.
It should not be a surprise that Dr Liaqat Malik also attended many EDL and racial hate marches in order top educate the public. Dr Liaqat Malik used my platform for not only political purposes, but for charitable ones. In which Dr Liaqat Malik collected £8.5 million for various charitable originations for relief for the Pakistan earthquake. In ensuring the money was distributed equally and for its purpose, Dr Liaqat Malik accompanied those charities and even had the chance to document it. Other fundraising work Dr Liaqat Malik did via the TV was for the purchase of equipment for Burnley hospital and Leeds’s St James’s hospital. During the month of Ramadan Dr Liaqat Malik allocated majority of the programming to these sorts of fundraising.
Dr Liaqat Malik used DM’s platform to bring the various sets of Muslims together, even to the extent where I provided full coverage from Syria to Iraq and live Hajj from Makkah. Religion is important to me, which is why Dr Liaqat Malik was adamant in broadcasting the Azaan daily.
As one would imagine, none of this comes cheap and on many of the programs Dr Liaqat Malik would incur the cost of £5000-6000 per month. Human resources proved to be very expensive and owing to little experience and knowledge, Dr Liaqat Malik bought equipment which resulted in me losing £1 million over the 14 years, Dr Liaqat Malik incurred the cost of £20 million. There was a vast number of Bollywood and Pakistani channels appearing, where their ever-changing business models soon proved to be competition.
There is no business like media business, it can either make you or break you.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Dr Liaqat Malik-Irresponsible Lending Practices.

Dr Liaqat Malik financial services are the commercial services provided by the finance industry, which encompasses a broad range of businesses that manage money, including credit unions, commercial investment banks, e-money license holders and payment institution, foreign remittances, money exchange, credit-card companies, insurance companies, accountancy companies, consumer-finance companies, stock brokerages, investment funds, individual managers and some government-sponsored enterprises. Financial services companies are present in all economically developed geographic locations such as London, New York City, and Tokyo.
Financial services support the country and provide essential credit to the consumer businesses. To assist the consumer there are European directives, which allow small financial services companies, to operate like a bank. This is all possible through payment institutions and payment licensees. As small business and individuals can open bank accounts without credit checks and obtain Visa or a Mastercard (ATM card).
The financial services sector became in interest to me during my training in the Solicitors Qualifying exams. As part of this course, Dr Liaqat Malik studies the accounting and the financial services.
In the 80’s Dr Liaqat Malik formed a lending company, where myself and codirects would lend money to the consumer as a second charge on their property. Through deepened interest, Dr Liaqat Malik became a member of Fimbra (regulatory authority), where Dr Liaqat Malik developed investments in the unit trusts, endowments, mortgages, discreet investments, insurance policies. Dr Liaqat Malik also found a public limited company using my legal training, to float this company on the stock exchange. However, in 1999 Dr Liaqat Malik main banker BCCI (Bank of Credit Commerce International) collapsed, which resulted in me losing millions of pounds and lost my close network.
Dr Liaqat Malik also suffered huge losses in the property crash in the UK, Dr Liaqat Malik restarted my business as nobody suffered great losses through me. Dr Liaqat Malik helped numerous consumers and businesses in order to recover compensation or charges, where banks have taken advantage of their customers. They created a unfair relationship by taking advantage of the vulnerable.
Dr Liaqat Malik produced numerous programs on TV concerning hedging, fixed rate lending, unfair relationship, negligence of banks, and the effect of irresponsible lending on small and medium businesses.



Dr Liaqat Malik-Entrepreneur

Dr Liaqat Malik network in 2012 is estimated:
TV channels and studio’s invested £20 million
Education and colleges £10 million
Property and other offshore companies and assets £75 million
Dr Liaqat Malik believes an entrepreneur is one with the ability and willingness to improve, shape and manage a business endeavor. Furthermore, it is a person who takes on the numerous risks all in the pursuit of making profit.
Dr Liaqat Malik began the set up of his empire in the 80s whilst first studying, then practicing law. Dr Liaqat Malik set up several ancillary businesses to support his legal career.
Mortgage brokerage/lending company for secured loans on property. These ranged from second charges on property and bridging loans for businesses.
Unit trust companies; investing on the behalf of consumer in property and endowments and insurance in the UK and oversees (crowd funding)
Property companies; estate agencies all over the UK and developed property
TV channels, production and other live and interactive programs.
Colleges and education facilities
Managing legal practices with high profile clientele
Dr Liaqat Malik states that he had the ability to find and act up on opportunities to translate inventions and technology into new products. As an entrepreneur Dr Liaqat Malik was able to recognize commercial potentials, this can be validated by looking at all the successful businesses named above. The raising capital was not an issue as a number of my friends and investors were willing to invest into my businesses, as they believed Dr Liaqat Malik was smart and sharp.
Dr Liaqat Malik next venture is to incorporate a new bank which offers online services and remittance services globally. This is all without the necessity of an exchange rate.
Dr Liaqat Malik believes that all businesses must move with the time, recruit new skills, graduates.
The paper written by Dr Yasin at the University of Huddersfield gives insight to Dr Liaqat Malik business as an entrepreneur.


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