Celebrated with prestigious accolades including
Lawyer of the Year
Life Time Achievement Award
Mayoral Award
Community Appreciation Award

Dr Liaqat Malik

Captivating Encounters with Influential Figures

Memorable Encounters

Embark on a visual journey of Dr. Liaqat Ali Malik’s remarkable collaborations with esteemed influencers. Delve into the power of shared visions and impactful partnerships that have shaped the course of his career. Witness the synergy of ideas and the profound impact of these encounters, as Dr. Malik joins forces with influential figures to drive positive change and inspire others to reach new heights.


Commemorative Recognition

Azhar Saddique advocate for Imran Khan of Supreme Court gives an award to Dr Liaqat Malik for his contribution in the lawyers movements and constitutional law. Dinner held in Rochdale. Special Guest- Judge Nadeem Ahmed, Sajjad Karim MEP, Barrister Amjad Malik, Rana Rauf Chartered Accountant, Farooq Ahmed Advocate, Irfan Malik CEO Easy E-Money Banking.


Enduring Friendship

Imran khan has been my friend for over 25 years and dm digital promoted his cause and his campaigns. DM Digital was suspended by PEMRA in Pakistan for 24/7 live coverage of his rallies, as a friend nothing stopped me in supporting him and we continued to do so. The time has come now that all parties must come together to economically stabilise Pakistan


Political Dialogue

Dr. Malik engages in a constructive and impactful discussion with a prominent Pakistani politician, fostering dialogue and collaboration for effective governance in a government building.


Grand Independence Celebration

Witness the grandest Pakistani Independence Day celebration in the UK, held in August 2022. Dr. Malik takes part in the festivities, accompanied by renowned singer Arif Lohar and numerous distinguished guests. The event includes an award ceremony, honoring remarkable individuals for their contributions to the community and celebrating the spirit of independence.


Supporting Imran Khan's Cause for Shaukat Khanum

For more than 25 years, Dr. Malik has been a steadfast friend and supporter of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. As part of his commitment to the cause, DM Digital actively promoted and campaigned for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, led by Imran Khan. Despite facing suspension by PEMRA in Pakistan due to the extensive coverage of Imran Khan's rallies, Dr. Malik remained unwavering in his support. Through generous donations and fundraising efforts, he continues to contribute funds to Shaukat Khanum, recognizing the importance of all parties uniting to economically stabilize Pakistan. Together, they strive to make a positive impact and improve the healthcare landscape in the country..


Energy Solutions Dinner

A distinguished dinner event was organized in Manchester by Pakistan Consulate, hosted by Tariq Wazir, to pay tribute to Syed Naveed Qamar, the Federal Minister for Commerce in the Government of Pakistan. The gathering included local politicians and members of the business community. During the event, Dr. Liaqat Malik expressed his willingness to contribute towards resolving Pakistan's energy crisis. He proposed investing £200 million in Sindh and £200 million in Punjab, specifically focusing on renewable solar energy projects through the Easy E-Money Banking Platform and Turkish Banks. Driven by a genuine concern for his homeland, Dr. Malik believes that this initiative has the potential to alleviate the energy crisis in Pakistan, provided there is a keen interest from the Pakistani government to pursue this solution.


Royal Coronation Celebration

Step into a world of regal splendor at the Royal Coronation Celebration hosted by Navid & Zara Dean. The esteemed event brought together distinguished guests, including Dr. & Mrs. Malik, the Chief Executive of Manchester United, and Dr. Iqbal, among many others. The evening was filled with enchantment as attendees indulged in delectable cuisine and enjoyed captivating live music performances. With an ambiance of luxury and sophistication, the Royal Party provided an unforgettable experience that celebrated the upcoming coronation of King Charles.


Legal Excellence Recognition

Join us in commemorating Dr. Liaqat Malik's exceptional achievements in the legal field and his significant role in the lawyers' movements and constitutional law. Azhar Saddique, advocate for Imran Khan of the Supreme Court, presents a prestigious award to Dr. Malik during a remarkable dinner event held in Rochdale. The occasion is graced by esteemed guests including Judge Nadeem Ahmed, Sajjad Karim MEP, Barrister Amjad Malik, Rana Rauf Chartered Accountant, Farooq Ahmed Advocate, and Irfan Malik, CEO of Easy E-Money Banking. This extraordinary gathering acknowledges Dr. Malik's profound impact on the legal landscape, while fostering connections among esteemed professionals.


Addressing Pakistan's Constitutional Crisis

Dr. Liaqat Malik and Dr. Hamid Khan, along with renowned lawyer Mian Ali Ishfaq, hosted a dynamic legal conference focused on the rule of law and the constitutional crisis in Pakistan. The event gathered esteemed guests, including Amjad Malik, Tariq Wazir (Consulate General of Pakistan), Zahid Iqbal, Tahir (from Urdu Times), Rauf Rana, Farooq Ahmed, CH Mussarat, Dr. Pervez, Samina Khan, Imran Malik, Makhdoom Tariq Shah, and other prominent personalities from the UK. The conference served as a platform to discuss pressing legal issues and seek potential solutions for strengthening Pakistan's constitutional framework.

Accolades and Accomplishments

Recognizing Excellence in Dr. Malik's Career

Harnessing Knowledge for Professional Success

Dr. Liaqat Malik's Educational Journey

Extensive expertise in Regulation and Compliance Law, Constitution Reform, and Judicial Control of Administrative Guidance.

PhD in Constitutional and Administrative Law

Specialized knowledge in the field of Abuse of Statutory Powers.

L.L.M in Abuse of Statutory Powers

Comprehensive understanding of Public Law and its applications.

Graduate Diploma in Public Law

Successfully completed the Solicitors Qualifying Exams, demonstrating proficiency in legal practice.

Solicitors Qualifying Exams

Certified MLRO with in-depth knowledge of regulations and money laundering prevention.

Certified Regulations and Money Laundering Officer (MLRO)

Proficient in the field of FX trading with a specialized diploma.

Post Graduate Diploma in FX Trading

Active memberships in prestigious organizations such as the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Punjab Bar Council, and former memberships in various legal panels and diplomatic missions.


Vast professional experience as a Senior Partner at Malik Law Chambers, lecturer at University of Manchester, examiner at University of Salford, and chair of Boards of Governors at Manchester College of Law, with previous involvement in the Anti Money Laundering Committee.

Professional and Academic Experience

Three-time recipient of the prestigious Lawyer of the Year award, acknowledging outstanding legal expertise and professional accomplishments.

Lawyer of the Year

Recognized for a lifetime of remarkable contributions and accomplishments in the legal profession and community service.

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Honored by local mayors for exemplary dedication and significant contributions to the community and public service.

Community Service Recognition

Recognized and appreciated by various community organizations for exceptional involvement and support in community development initiatives.

Community Appreciation Awards

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