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Banking Software

Platform for Leading Financial Institutions


At First Friendly, we help banks and lenders from around the world make financial services accessible to everyone, everywhere, at any time. As your technology-trusted partner, we design, build and run the solutions you need. Our software reflects the diversity of the multi-faceted financial industry and we provide a range of solutions that meet the needs of banks, credit unions, stockbrokers and other financial institutions. Our expertise lies in core banking, Internet and mobile banking, anti-money laundering and cash management systems.


Internet & Mobile Banking

Are you ready to revolutionize your digital banking experience and set yourself apart from the competition?

We understand that banks and credit unions of all sizes are investing in improving their software to stay competitive in a digital world. That’s why we offer our highly secure, flexible, and multilingual internet and mobile banking platform that gives customers access to their financial information through their browser or mobile device 24/7.

Our platform is specifically designed to address the unique needs of corporate customers, while providing a personal experience for individuals. It is licensed on a white label basis and is configured to your house style, ensuring the protection of your valuable brand.

The Internet Banking software works with any system, enabling you to offer internet and mobile banking services with minimal disruption to existing infrastructure. Take the next step and find out more about Internet & Mobile Banking by filling in your details on the right-hand side of this page.



Cash Management

This is an essential tool for your financial success! With this module, you can easily keep track of your accounts and movements, making it easy to search, sort, and filter transactions.

You can also print out statements in your own personal style, and even download them to a spreadsheet for further analysis.


Payments & Transfers

Make payments and transfers easier and more secure with our Payments and Transfers module! Cut down on data entry errors and enjoy a high level of straight through processing with the use of beneficiary templates.

Corporate customers can also take advantage of multi-level sign offs and floor level checks to ensure the highest level of security for their payments. With our payments and transfers module, you can rest assured that your payments and transfers are safe and secure.


Bulk Payments

Are you making multiple payments on a regular basis? Bulk payments are the perfect solution for you! Our payments and transfers module offers different formats to make sure your end of month salaries are taken care of with ease.



We understand the importance of security and take it very seriously. To keep your data safe and secure, we use innovative methods such as randomised keywords, mouse-controlled variable characters, single-use sms access codes, IP address blocking and encrypted lines. With these measures in place, you can be sure that your data is secure and protected.



Anti Money Laundering Software

Are you looking for a powerful anti money laundering and counterterrorist financing solution? Our software is designed to help banks and other financial institutions identify, track and regulate potentially suspicious or illegal activities or the proceeds of crime.

Our software is a complete, multi-branch, multi-layered, language independent solution that can be tailored to your exact business needs.


Simply fill in your details on the right-hand side of this page and we will get in touch without delay to discuss how our anti money-laundering software can help you.

KYC & Document Management

We make sure that every customer relationship is taken care of with the utmost security and efficiency. Our Know Your Customer (KYC) and Document Management module is a centralised data repository that stores all the information on each customer, including associated individuals and companies, and calculates risk weightings based on risk values. The software is used to scan and store documents related to the relationship and alert you if there is a lack of documentation. We also scan against government sanction lists and third-party lists for PEP, SOE, and adverse media. Plus, our system automatically rescans the entire KYC data repository every time a list changes, and sets up regular reviews for each customer depending on their entity type and risk weighting.

Account Monitoring & Transaction Tracking

Our system creates a single virtual tracking account for each relationship, allowing you to keep an eye on all transactions and compare them to the turnover and transaction profiles you set up when you first signed up. Plus, you can customize your own behaviour rules, and get alerts when anything out of the ordinary happens.

Cash Remittances

The Cash Remittance module is designed to make life easier for small money bureaus who have customers that regularly send money to known beneficiaries. It offers visual identification of the remitter at the time of initiating the transaction, as well as limits on the remitter and beneficiary both daily and over a period of time. plus, it screens the remitter and beneficiary details against government sanctioned lists at the time of payments, and with published APIs into the back-office system, accepted payments can be processed quickly and seamlessly.


Management Information

Take control of your compliance risk with software’s dashboards! Our essential information ensures that senior management and regulators have peace of mind, so you can focus on what matters most.

Cash Management & Payments Platform

Unlock the power of cash management and payments with our platform! our innovative technology enables banks and other institutions to provide their customers with fast and easy cash management and payment services. enjoy the convenience of secure and reliable payments today!


Simply fill in your details on the right-hand side of this page and we will get in touch without delay to discuss how our Cash Management & Payments Platform software can help you



Cash Management

The Cash Management module is your perfect financial partner! It allows you to set up multiple accounts in different currencies, and even pay you interest on them – all for a nominal handling fee. Plus, you can attach one or more debit cards to your account, and even configure a monthly account maintenance charge if you need it.

Payments & Transfers

The Payment Module makes it easy for you to send payments quickly and securely! You can choose from a range of payment formats, including SWIFT, BACS, FPS, and CHAPS, and your payments will be sent directly to your clearing bank for processing.

Customer Internet Access

Give your customers the convenience and security of a virtual account, and enjoy the savings in time and money that come with automated payment processing!

We Offer a Wide
Variety of Software Developments

Web Development

We carry more than just good coding skills. Our experience makes us stand out from other web development.

QA & Testing

Turn to our experts to perform comprehensive, multi-stage testing and auditing of your software.

Mobile Development

Create complex enterprise software, ensure reliable software integration, modernise your legacy system.

IT Counsultancy

Trust our top minds to eliminate workflow pain points, implement new tech, and consolidate app portfolios.

UI/UX Design

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.

Dedicated Team

Over the past decade, our customers succeeded by leveraging Intellectsoft’s process of building, motivating.

What We Develop

Web applications
Mobile applications
Desktop applications
SaaS products

Software Development

Custom software development

We create software with long-term business value – tailored uniquely to your business processes and adjustable to future needs.


Software product development

We create scalable and resilient SaaS, mobile and desktop software products with great UX and drive fast-paced product development – MVP launch in 1-4 months and consequent releases every 2-4 weeks.


Full software development outsourcing

We assemble self-managed development teams to take care of your current and future software needs. Your software development plans are not stuck with the lack of internal expertise and resources.


Team augmentation

We offer from 0.5 FTE to 150+ FTE resources for an entire software development life cycle: developers and architects well-versed in back-end, front-end, and mobile development, testing engineers, development team leads, DevOps engineers, data architects, and other roles.


Software support and maintenance

We ensure smooth functioning and relevancy of your software via continuous performance monitoring, proactive optimization and fast issue resolution, delivery of new features and integrations.



Application Development


We design and deliver web, mobile and cloud business applications of different complexity and for various needs. In the process, we pay special attention to their flexibility, security, speed and integration potential.

The success of our software comes from:

The actual value to business

The actual value to business

We thoroughly study all critical business needs and the future application context, make appropriate architecture and technology choices to build the solution that answers the specific requirements of your business.

Stable work and undemanding maintenance

Stable work and undemanding support

We write loose-coupled and readable code to keep it easy to test, maintain, and upgrade.

High quality and timely releases

High quality and timely releases

We aren’t just ISO 9001-certified – we have our own Quality Management System that streamlines our software development processes and allows us to provide reliable solutions within the established deadline.

Agile delivery of new features

Agile delivery of new features

We employ DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration practices, automated testing and deployment tools. Thus, we ensure constant delivery of releasable solution , without system freezes and with reduced code errors.

Website Development